What Is Wu Xing Dao?

Wu Xing Dao Kung Fu is an internal martial art which features accelerated learning methods of health development, internal power and self-defence. It is unlike anything currently available and more than just a fighting system. In one year, it is possible for you to attain skills many practitioners spend decades to achieve. It is offered as a personal training program which uses mind development and body conditioning techniques.

The true source of power, speed and intuitive and creative fighting ability is genetically inherent in every person. It needs only to be released. When the secret of the way to its release is understood it continues to flow and develop from within, even in the absence of a teacher. The student’s inner self is revealed as the true teacher.

Foundation Training:
Basic techniques and loosening exercises that releases amazing internal energy.

Power Development:
An elastic approach to body strengthening which makes the body supple and more pliable, offering a youthful outcome.

Creative movement training:
The student becomes able to block or strike in an infinite number of ways that creates an instinctive ability to apply the Kung Fu naturally and automatically.

Sensitivity training:
Programs the nervous system to respond to aggressive attacks without having to depend on muscle strength. Attacking and defending movements become instinctive.

Weapons training:
Sword and staff.

Natural Wu Xing Dao Kung Fu Progression:

This is what you can expect from your Wu Xing Dao training. It is a timeline for your progress.

3 months: You will be able to generate and release explosive power and force allowing you to deliver strikes and blows far beyond what would be expected of your size, appearance or strength. Your speed will be far beyond what you can currently produce.

6 months: You will be able to tolerate impact from outside forces without pain or injury. You will have released from within yourself a natural fighting ability without having to learn set forms or choreographed movements.

9 months: The explosive release of your energy can damage an opponent internally. You will have a new level of self-knowledge and understanding that affects and influences every aspect of your life.