Who or what is our own Invisible Master and how do we communicate with it?

Within our Kung Fu philosophy the Invisible Master is the creative and powerful energy that lies deep inside of us all. It is our own true potential that most of us never discover or express. Your Invisible Master is your own inner self with all of its power.

It is the source of mental and physical power, the core, the very centre of our being and the driving life force and energy of Chi. In Kung Fu it can express itself as speed, power, spontaneous creativity and the ability to develop ourselves in whichever way we choose. It expresses no fear or doubt and is the very essence of who we are.

To tap into our own Invisible Master we must first understand that it is already a part of us.

Sometimes we see exceptional people who are naturally in tune with their Invisible Master. They can usually be found excelling in sporting, artistic or scientific achievement.

These great achievers were still taught and coached by others during their early years. It was when they released their own creative force, their own unique way of thinking and performing that they really started to excel.

Master Marko Vesse has made it his lifelong goal to find ways to help his students tap into their own internal resources and he has been very successful in doing so. His accelerated training methods reflect this. His students make very rapid progress in speed, power and creative movement. In several months their achievements equal that of several years of most training systems. Their accomplishments come from tapping into the power of their own internal Invisible Master.