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Wu Xing Chuan is about getting to know and understand the essence of your own body and mind. You tap into a power that you come to realize is far beyond any preconceived human force, but is in fact a source that is accessible to any individual willing to absorb Marko’s teachings. It is presented in the form of direction first with self-teaching thereafter, much like a tree that requires watering at its point of infancy but then independently grows larger, stronger and with an even greater acceptance to its natural environment once its roots become established.

Marko Vesse is not about mediocre fighting tactics. His methods of training are not conventional, and are unique in the sense that it can be applied to any fighting style. Your power is generated from your own individually derived movements, not a pre-orchestrated style, simply because styles and forms prove negligible in comparison.


Marko’s abilities as a martial artist place him in a category of sheer supremacy. This is not just as a result of his personal capabilities as a fighter, but as a teacher. How he can construct a training regime so advanced, so simplified and yet so extremely powerful appears even beyond the point of physical and psychological engineering. Training is generally one – on – one, and as any sportsman will tell you, there is nothing like sole focus from a professional trainer.


My teacher has become my mentor, and all discretion aside, becoming his student was and still is a rare privilege. A fellow student and I have personally introduced a substantial number of peers to Marko. All of them are not just satisfied – Wu Xing Chuan, as addictive as it has become, is now a serious part of their life too.