Private lessons involve one-to-one training with Master Vesse or one of his top instructors.

Basic Training The first stage consists of techniques for the purpose of structuring and conditioning your body. Through this conditioning process, the body is systematically transformed making it strong, resilient and elastic. The muscular system changes and blood circulation becomes highly efficient.

Early Formless Trainin The elastic quality that develops from Training allows the body to withstand a high degree of contraction and expansion in order to project and deliver explosive force. Body resilience develops to the level where strikes, blows and various other types of impact from outside forces can be tolerated, without pain or sustaining injury to yourself.

Intermediate Formless Training involves a unique functional meditation technique, which focuses and quiets the mind and produces a high level of body awareness. You begin to understand at a very deep level how your body transfers force and how your body uses energy. You are then able to release great strength, power and speed.

Early Sensitive Training You can then begin to engage in ‘sticking hands’, a type of sparring, to develop your sensitivity and natural response to another person’s movements.

Intermediate Sensitivity Work You will learn how to interpret an opponent’s intention, develop instantaneous and automatic response, and gain the ability to control and diss ipate their force. Your attack and defence become combined in such a way that you are able to inhibit and control your opponent’s movements, strength and efforts.

Once you have released the potential of your body and nervous system, you are now prepared for higher level techniques and fighting methods. This includes training in full body conditioning (steel body, iron palm, steel fist), lightning system, sparring, tai chi, weapons and more.