Master Marko Vesse has many specialist courses on offer. These courses are designed to accelerate the student to mastery of a specific skill, such as body conditioning or lightning speed.

Steel Body- 10 Week Program

*Note: The demonstrations in this video are not a necessary part of the training program, it is only a demonstration of what you can achieve.

Steel can be made to yield to a force without breaking and then rebound with great speed and added energy.

Imagine having a body that cannot be hurt by a punch, kick or a blunt weapon. Imagine your entire body being capable of damaging an opponent – your entire body, not just hands, feet, elbows, etc.

Many martial artists have heard of the classical Kung Fu training to develop “Iron Shirt” technique to enable the body to withstand hard blows from opponents and weapons.

Steel Body Impact Training – goes far beyond “Iron Shirt”

Steel will remain intact after being struck in ways that would shatter iron. Steel Body Impact Training makes the body resistant and resilient like steel in its immunity to blows, strikes or kicks while, at the same time, being a weapon in its own right.

Steel Body has a double role. Steel, especially spring steel, has qualities iron cannot duplicate.

Strike down an opponent

Independently of whatever your palms, hands, legs, elbows and feet are doing at the time. Steel Body impact can damage and shock your opponent so that he will be rendered unable to defend himself from follow-up strikes or punches. It can also knock him off his feet and disable him in other ways. This goes far beyond using a shoulder or hip to knock an opponent of balance. It enables you to attack in ways your opponent cannot block.

Body Armour

Try kicking a car tyre. The sort of resilient strength and rebound effect is similar to what you encounter when you make contact with an exponent of Steel Body. The force of the attacking blow rebounds with multiplied force back upon the attacker sometimes injuring the attacking limb.

The technique of Steel Body cannot be learned from a book or a description. It has to be learned from a teacher who has already mastered it. However, some of the science behind the training can be described to give an idea of what is involved.

All Wu Xing Dao Instructors

Can demonstrate Steel Body Impact technique and its effectiveness.



Iron Palm Conditioning- 10 Week Program

Wu Xing Dao Steel Hand Kung Fu is a rare internal hand conditioning system. Very few people in the world know of its training methods and they are reluctant to share its secrets.

Typical hand conditioning practices require special liniments to extract bruising, improve blood circulation and help the hardening process. These methods are crued and take many years to master. In all cases, the cost for medicine and time spent on training is excessive.

There are plenty of martial artists who can break tiles, bricks, boards and other hard object.  Wu Xing Dao’s Iron Palm training however, enables its practitioners to go beyond the usual limits of these demonstrations. There are not many people around who can break a piece of river stone with two fingers.

Iron Palm is developed without damaging the hands or building hard calluses to protect them. It develops the hands, fingers, wrists and arms to deliver devastating blows without injury to themselves. In addition, blows are delivered at high speed and give the impression of being made of flexible rubber.

No special liniments or medicines are required in training. All development occurs at a steady and gradual pace without injury or calluses forming. Tissues, bones, and connective tissue are able to reach high levels of strength, resilience and tolerance to impact without external aids.  Steel Hand is developed in what is described as a “living” way. Once learned,  Iron Palm technique is never forgotten.



Lightning Program

This program is for persons who have completed various stages of one-to one training, steel hands and steel body conditioning course.

Lightning System is currently available upon assessment with Master Instructor and founder of Wu Xing Dao kung fu Marko Vesse.